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Burger King's Whopper Sacrifice.

A campaign that claimed friendships.

The process was simple, unfriend 10 people and gain a coupon for one free Whopper.

"I don't know how many of you actually got sacrificed out there, but condolences to you," said Matt Walsh

Well, Burger King in January, 09 introduced a marketing campaign with facebook ads offering 1/10th of Whopper for every friend unfriended from facebook. And surprisingly, If I de-friended you, you would get a message saying that you were worth less than one-tenth of a Whopper.

The phenomenal part of this mean and disheartening campaign was that facebook users increased by 60000 in a finite amount of days and Burger King's sale went up by a whopping 25000.

Yes, the count of people unfriended for every 10th bite of the Whopper would be 250000. Unofficial groups startegising collaborations and breakups were also formed on facebook for the coupons.

However, facebook discontinued the campaign after 10 days claiming that it was a violation of user privacy because Whopper Sacrifice notified friends if they had been deleted or unfriended from someone's profile!

"For so long, friendship in the social space has kind of been a form of social currency," Walsh explained in regards to this marketing campaign. However, Burger King enjoyed some controversial attention over the period of time and still its rippling effects are being talked about!

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