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Zomato not only delivers food, but also smiles.

When we say, content is the king of market, Zomato’s marketing campaigns never fail to impress the readers. Engaging its audience with funny, collaborative and healthy tweets and memes, Zomato’s team puts forth one of the finest creativities. Supporting their promotional campaigns and also brining a huge smile on the face of billion readers, it has won our hearts!

But, ever wonder, how these strategies are designed?

Let us take a brisk walk through and find out how!

At the core of Zomato’s strategy lies innovation and agility. Being able to keep up with the increasingly dynamic food delivery landscape in a country full of foodies is Zomato’s big secret. Effective communication is at the core of Zomato’s excellent marketing strategy. Their tone of voice has always been modest, and engaging rather than unconventional bragging and this is what helps them stand out. Their focus is interaction with their audience.

Wittiness: Their social media handles carry a witty vibe, alluring their majority of target Gen-Z audience. Their creativity and passionate improvisions in stuff related to the young generation helps them acquire limelight. This also assists in spreading a more credible word of mouth.

Interactive: Zomato simply doesn’t promote their products with affirmative sentences, but adds the tinge of inquisition and curiosity to increase engagement. From talking about Elon Musk to Lunch Break for the SBI employees, the team stages relatability. The more people feel connected, the higher reach you gain!

Make Hay while the sun shines- business management taught us one important lesson at a very fundamental stage, “be quick like a cat”. To adapt with the changing environment and fashion is really important. And the first ones to do that become the centre of attraction. Therefore, needless to state how essential grabbing opportunities, at the right time is!

Well, we at Lead Origin, excel at curating exceptional marketing strategies for your business and help it shimmer in the beholder’s eyes. Our team of professionals emphasize to market and pitch your product amongst the potential consumers. We bridge the gap between you and your clientele base, expanding the same into unfathomable dimensions!

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